The Unexpected Meeting Ch. 03

Twenty minutes later, after some rinsing of piss-soaked clothing and bodies—and only a little bit of inappropriate touching—, the two men were ready to leave. Miles looked much the same as before, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt under a blazer. Adam, on the other hand, had been relegated to his workout clothes. Threadbare grey sweats and a tight black tank top were his only option.

"Nobody's gonna care, Adam," Miles laughed, watching Adam do everything in his power to minimize his dick print while wearing the sweats without underwear.

"I don't care if they don't care, I don't really want the entire office knowing that I'm uncut, three inches flaccid, and hang slightly to the left over large nuts," Adam groused, shoving at his package again.

"Here, just take my bookbag and hold it in front of you," Miles said, offering his bag.

Adam grumbled, but acquiesced, slinging it over a shoulder and in front of his crotch.

"Just give it back to me tomorrow," Miles said. "Actually, wait, though, let me stuff this in here; it's way too hot to wear while waiting for the bus," he continued, sliding his blazer off and holding it out to Adam.

"The bus?" Adam said, lifting an eyebrow. "You don't drive?"

The corner of Miles' mouth quirked up, and his expression was nearly sardonic. "Do I seem like the type of person who would do well with the stress of driving in traffic?" Adam looked properly chastened, and Miles continued. "Yeah, no. I got my learner's permit at fifteen and promptly wet my pants on the seat of my foster mom's car at the first sign of trouble. I didn't feel like having to wear a diaper every time I wanted to go somewhere, so I gave it up. Haven't driven since."

Adam could feel the knot of guilt tying itself in his belly as Miles talked. By the time Miles finished, his stomach would have put a whole troop of boy scouts to shame. "Oh, Miles, I... I'm really sorry. That was a super shitty thing to ask. I should have known better."

Miles shrugged a shoulder and smiled slightly. "It's fine. I'm used to it all, and it doesn't really bother me anymore. And if it does, I just shut it out until it doesn't. I'mma head home."

"Wait, Miles. Do you... want a ride? My car's out in the garage," Adam stated, sticking a thumb over his shoulder in a vague direction. Seeing the hesitant look on Miles' face, Adam quickly jumped in again. "Please? I'd feel terrible knowing you're stuck on a sweltering bus when my car works perfectly fine," he said, eyes imploring.

Miles sighed and rolled his eyes, but didn't lose his smile. "Fiiiine. If it makes you happy."

"It does," Adam said, smirking and grabbing his dick through his sweats. Immediately as he did it, he remembered himself. "I... should not get in the habit of that. Or anything similar."

Miles cackled and said, "Yeah, that's one-hundred percent an HR violation."

The walk down to the garage was uneventful; Adam led Miles to the back hallway leading to the stairwell, rather than the elevators. Better to just avoid the chatter. The garage was cooler than outside, but not by much. The air conditioner in the car was going to be an absolute godsend.

Just a few seconds from the door, Adam veered off toward his silver Mercedes, and the doors unlocked automatically when his fob got in range. Miles whistled softly. "Pretty!"

The corner of Adam's mouth tipped up slightly as he turned to see Miles ogling the car. "Yeah, it's nice. Nothing crazy, but it's definitely the fanciest car I've ever had." With a grunt, Adam swung his long legs into the car, immediately hitting the air conditioning as the engine purred to life. Miles slid into the black leather seat next to him and rattled off his address.

"Do you mind if we stop by my place before I get you home? It's literally on the road we'll take to your place, and I hate these clothes," Adam said. He glanced over at Miles with a questioning look.

"Sure, yeah. No worries," Miles replied. "I need to use the bathroom again anyway." Adam's mind began wandering lasciviously, and he chided it into submission.

Half an hour later, they were only just over halfway to Adam's condo. There had been an accident on the main thoroughfare, and traffic was clogged to hell and back. Adam slumped his head back against the headrest and moaned. "This is the only reason I would be tempted to bus. At least if you get trapped in terrible traffic on a bus, you can still be doing something else in the meantime," Adam mentioned.

Miles remained quiet, looking out the window. "You doing ok there, bud?" Adam said with a chuckle, peering over toward his new friend.

Miles grimaced and said, "Wha? Oh, sorry. I'm just really distracted. I drank a whole twenty-four ounce water bottle right after we got out of the shower, and it's definitely hitting me now." Adam could hear the strain and concentration in the younger man's voice.

"Oof. That blows. Well, we'll be to my place fairly soon if this god damn traffic will ever fuck off jesus christ," Adam blustered, slapping the steering wheel. "Sorry. I just really need to blow off some steam. That whole thing today wound me up so bad."

Adam glanced over just in time to see Miles reaching down to his jeans and squeezing the outline of his penis through the fabric. Adam grunted lightly. "Good god, dude. Your dick is huge even flaccid. What is that, six inches?"

Miles continued to grip his cock with his fingers, and Adam's mind wandered into a situation where he was the one gripping Miles' dick like that. "Probably something like that," he heard Miles say. "I've never measured it, but I think it's around nine inches hard, so six seems reasonable."

"Your flaccid dick is the same size as my erection," Adam chuckled.

"You're lucky, honestly. This thing is a pain in the ass. Literally, sometimes. Not my ass," Miles quickly clarified. "Other people's—you know what, nevermind," he said, as Adam snickered. His mind was drifting again, however, to the possibility of it being a pain in Miles' own ass—Ok, Bryant, mind out of the gutter. Eyes on the road.

"Incidentally, Miles, I realized we probably should have taken a sec to discuss health before we jumped each other's bones earlier. I haven't been with anyone since I last got tested as clean," Adam said, finishing with an inquisitive look toward Miles.

"Yeah, you're right," Miles replied in concession. "Luckily I'm the same. Haven't been with anyone in a couple years, honestly. It's hard to get myself to date people when I'm constantly scared of pissing myself in front of them," he said, and Adam had a feeling that his mostly even voice belied more sadness than he let on.

"Cool," Adam said, placing his hand on Miles' knee and squeezing reassuringly. "About the health, I mean. I'm sorry about the last bit."

Miles looked over and smiled briefly before grimacing and going back to holding his swollen penis.

After another minute or so, they broke through the worst of the traffic, and they made it to Adam's condo within five minutes. Adam pulled into his parking spot under the building, and then hopped out of the car. "You know if you really can't wait, you can just pee here in the garage. No one will see or care," Adam said to Miles as the shorter man stood up from his seat and closed the door with a booming echo.

"I can wait—I'm pretty sure," Miles said with a grimace, shoving his hand against the piss hardon within his jeans.

"Suit yourself," Adam said, before leading the way to the elevator. The ride up to his condo was relatively long, unfortunately. He lived on the forty-fourth floor, near the top of the building, and the elevator was older than he would have liked.

A little over a minute into the ride, they were passing the thirtieth floor when Miles suddenly growled, "Shit!"And pressed on his crotch. "I have to go literally right now," he said quickly, looking up at Adam with scared eyes.

Adam's own eyes grew wide and he said, "I mean, just pull it out and pee a little in the corner, I guess. Janitorial comes through three or four times a week. They're probably here tonight." It took exactly zero-point-five seconds for his dick to react to the thought of Miles having to pee in the corner—or in his pants. Almost instantly, his cock chubbed up into a full-blown erection.

"I... really don't want to—hnnng," Miles tried to stammer out. As he groaned, he immediately began fumbling with his button and fly, and Adam saw a wet spot begin to bloom at the point where Miles' cockhead rested in his pants.

"Oh, Miles..." Adam said, trailing off as he watched the unfolding disaster before him. He could see how badly Miles' hands were shaking. In a split second, he made a decision and stepped toward Miles, pushing his hands out of the way and deftly undoing the button and zipper of Miles' jeans. Miles immediately spun to face the wall and whipped his fully-engorged, nine-inch cock out of his soaked underwear, just in time for a trickle of clear piss to land on the tile floor of the elevator as he regained control of his bladder. He let out a frustrated growl.

Adam was throbbing in his pants now. He looked down at Miles' pants, and covered his smile with his hand. The young man's right leg was wet from midway down the side pocket all the way to his knee, with a stream down the inside of his calf as well that stopped just short of his shoe.


The elevator doors slid open as the lift arrived at the forty-fourth floor, and Miles quickly shoved his penis back into his wet pants and zipped them back up. Adam led the way to his door, unlocking it with his fingerprint. The door swung open to reveal high ceilings, white walls, and a gleaming polished concrete floor. Green sea glass, white enamel, and natural wood accented the dark stained wood furniture. Miles quickly moved past him and said, "Where's your bath—"

Adam cut him off by pressing his mouth onto Miles' lips and shoving him up against the wall in the entryway. "No, Adam, really—mphh," Miles managed, and Adam felt him melt into the kiss. Adam's grip was firm and controlled, but still gentle. You're gonna do what I want, but because you want to. "Adam—uuuh," he mumbled against Adam's lips. "I'm gonna—..."

Adam dropped a hand down to Miles' crotch just in time to feel the cool wet spot on the younger man's jeans grow hot again as pee flooded into Miles' pants. Adam's breathing grew more ragged as he rubbed Miles' pissing cock, stroking up and down the shaft as piss started to drip and pool on the finished concrete under their feet.

With his other hand, Adam reached behind Miles and began working his hand along the waistband of Miles' jeans, shoving them down. Miles just moaned into Adam's mouth and shifted his hips along with Adam's hand, helping to shift the jeans downward. The back of Miles' jeans slid down fairly easily, revealing Miles' lightly furred ass (How the fuck does a guy have an ass that perfectly shaped?), but the front caught on Miles' raging erection, even as he continued pissing.

Adam quickly undid the button of Miles' jeans, and they dropped wetly to the floor. Miles' erection sprung out and away, spraying piss across the entryway as it swung toward Adam. Miles made a distressed noise and tried to pull away as the stream first sprayed the room and then hit Adam's crotch, but Adam held him in place, shoving his tongue into the young man's mouth. Adam growled through the kiss as the piss spraying from Miles' erection soaked his sweatpants and wet his own aching arousal.

Adam pushed the front of his sweatpants down and pulled out his dick. Miles' stream continued, hitting him on the scrotum and spraying into his sweatpants. He moved forward, pushing his cock against Miles' own, before wrapping his hand around both shafts and beginning to stroke back and forth, using Miles' piss as a lubricant to jerk both of them off simultaneously. Waves of pleasure were pulsing through his dick, and he slowed his strokes to keep from pushing himself over the edge.

After another couple of seconds, Miles' stream slowed and stopped, the last drips sliding out of his engorged cock head and dripping into the puddle of pee under their feet. Adam reached a hand toward the overnight bag that he kept in the corner of the foyer and said, "Get your shoes off." The two men separated briefly, both of their breaths ragged, hearts racing and erections bouncing, as Adam rummaged in the bag and dropped his soaked sweatpants, heeling off his own shoes in the process. Then with a grunt of victory, Adam pulled a bottle of silicone lubricant out of the bag.

Miles had a second to look slightly surprised before Adam grabbed his shoulders and spun him toward the wall, pushing the smaller man's arms outward to brace him. Miles made a sound of slightly confused arousal. Adam used a hand to direct Miles to spread his legs, and then leaned forward, whispering into Miles' ear.

"Alright? This ok?"

Miles took a shaky breath and replied in a whisper, "Yes. Please."

Adam grinned. Say no more. With one hand holding one of Miles' hands against the wall, he quickly pushed the lid of the lube bottle until it popped open, and then dripped a generous amount on his dick, which jumped as the cool liquid hit his skin. He closed the lid and tossed the bottle to the side before stroking his dick a couple of times with his free hand to get lube onto it. He was aroused nearly to the point of just trying to shove his cock directly into Miles' ass, but he kept himself under control, groaning at the anticipation. He quickly pushed his fingers into the dark, warm cleft of Miles' butt, and felt for his puckered hole. He used his middle finger to slowly circle the outer ring, applying pressure without pushing into the hole.

Miles made a desperate noise, squirmed, and tried to push his hips backward against Adam's fingers, but Adam moved with him and then leaned his torso forward, lightly biting the back of Miles' shoulder through his thin t-shirt. Miles sucked a breath in and stilled before whispering again, "Please." Adam grinned again. No woman he'd ever been with had been able to turn him on like this.

After another second of swirling his slick finger around Miles' tight hole, Adam finally pushed forward, sliding the tip of his finger past the ring of muscle. Miles moaned, and Adam could feel the muscle that had gripped his finger slowly relax, pushing outward against him as Miles bore down to prepare. Adam began to slide his finger back and forth, lubricating the entry of Miles' ass as he finger fucked the young man.

After a few seconds, he released the hand he'd been using to press Miles' hand against the wall and whispered, "Don't move," as he dropped into a squat. From below and slightly to the side, he could get a better angle, and he spun his hand around so that his palm faced Miles' tightly drawn ballsack. He then pushed in as far as he could, searching with the tip of his finger. Come on... There. With a grunt of success, Adam located a small, hard knot inside Miles' ass, and pressed on it. Miles let out something halfway between a moan and a whimper, and Adam felt Miles' hole clamp shut on his finger as Miles' whole body tensed.

With a quick motion, he slid his finger out, and replied in a low, soft voice to Miles' frustrated groan with, "Uh uh. Not yet. And keep that hand away from your cock," as he slapped Miles' wandering hand with his own. Miles' only response was to huff and repeat his desperate groan.

Adam stood back up, his erection having softened slightly, but still sticking straight out from his body, no longer on the verge of blowing his load. He gave it a couple of quick strokes, and his shaft curved upward as his erection firmed. Lining up with Miles' ass, he pushed the hooded head of his cock between the furry cheeks, sliding effortlessly against the soft, muscular globes. He let out an involuntary groan at the feeling. Fucking hell.

Adam felt the tip of his dick touch the wrinkled pucker of Miles' hole, and he applied a very light pressure. Miles sighed heavily, and Adam felt the muscle push outward. The tip of his dick began to sink into the warm, slick hole, and he shifted his hips forward to speed the process. His cock head popped past Miles' ring, and they both moaned simultaneously. Adam leaned forward and kissed the exposed skin of Miles' collar and neck as he listened to Miles' panting breaths.

"Ready?" Adam murmured against Miles' neck. The squeezing of Miles' anus against his rock hard erection was driving him wild.

"Yes. Please. Just go a little slow at first," Miles whispered through his breathing.

Adam leaned back and replaced his hand over the one Miles was using to support himself. He spotted Miles' other hand wandering toward the young man's raging erection, and he lightly slapped it away again. "Nope. I'll tell you if you're allowed to touch," he said, his voice softly commanding. "And it's not yet," he said, his hips pressing forward. His dick slid easily up into Miles' ass, but he kept the movement as slow as he could stand.

"Oooooh, fuuuck," Miles moaned out as Adam's cock reached its maximum depth. "You're—you're pressing right on my—" Adam interrupted Miles by drawing back slightly and then pushing back in, hard. "Adaaaaam" came Miles' desperate moan. Adam grinned and squeezed his eyes shut at the same time, trying to keep himself well short of climax. After a few seconds of letting his arousal calm down, Adam began to shift his hips slowly back and forth, drawing out a couple of inches and then pushing back down to the hilt. Every time he pushed all the way in, Miles moaned, with each one sounding increasingly desperate.

"How—how are you hitting my—fuuuck," Miles moaned out, his panting growing more labored. Adam barely even registered what Miles had said, as he felt the muscles of Miles' ass flexing and pulsing around his rigid shaft as he fucked the younger man. Each time his sensitive glans slid through the soft warmth of Miles' ass, he saw stars. He thrust in again, hitting what he assumed was Miles' prostate once again, and then began to reach around toward Miles' swollen member.

"No, wait," Miles gasped out. "If you touch me, I'm—oh god, oh fuck," Miles tried to explain, but then shifted his hips forward, letting Adam's dick out a couple inches, and finally shoving back hard against Adam's crotch, driving his pulsing cock deep against Miles' prostate. With that, Miles groaned loudly and tipped his head back. "Oh shit, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Miles choked out. Adam had planned to go for a little longer, but he could feel his own orgasm roiling up through his cock as well.

With a quick grab, Adam embraced Miles from behind and pulled his whole body upright and flat against Adam's. Looking down, he just barely caught sight of the first jet of cum blasting out of Miles long, thick erection. Fuck, he's not even touching himself. Adam lifted slightly and leaned back, drawing his penis out by just a hair, and then shoved as deep as he could again. He growled, and felt the first wave of orgasm shove its way through his entire abdomen, sending cum shooting into Miles' ass. White-hot waves of pleasure wracked his body as his penis pressed against Miles' prostate, prompting Miles' moans to turn nearly to yells as blast after blast of hot cum sprayed onto the wall in front of him.

A growled, "Hnnnggohfuckyes," was all Adam could manage as Miles' anus clenched with each wave of orgasm. Adam punctuated each blast of his cum with a small thrust, and he shot so many times that he began to wonder if he had cum twice, and just hadn't had a break between. He felt Miles slump against him in his arms, and looked down at the shorter man's dick. It was still rock hard, bouncing in rhythm with Miles' heartbeat, but cum dripped off the end of his glans, and the floor and wall in front of them was practically painted with more of the milky white liquid.


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