Indian Wife Swarna Ch. 04

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Back to FPP from Swarna's side.

I thought of having coffee. Took the coffee powder in a mug, mixed it with water and waited for the milk to boil. I opened the window for some cool breeze to come in.

That's when he came in. He was wearing nothing except his trunks. The front part of his trunks pointed forward due to his morning wood. I asked him to put some clothes and wait in the hall.

"You carry on with your job and I'll do mine," he said.

"Nothing of the sorts. Get back to the hall" I put a strong face.

The milk started to boil. When I started to pay attention to it, he grabbed hold of my waist, lifted my nightie and pulled my panties down. Even before I could scold him, he stripped out of his trunks and started grinding me bareback.

I finished pouring coffee for both of us. I turned slightly and pushed him. The panties where a hindrance. When I turned, I lost my balance and took hold of him for balance.

"This too is good" he chuckled and squeezed my boobs. He pulled the nightie up to my neck and started circling my light brown areola with his fingers.

I couldn't hold it anymore and started moaning. Knowing that he had control over me, he moved to my nipple. Gently holding the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he twisted and twirled it to the maximum.

"Ahhhh" I closed my eyes and stood there moaning.

He pulled my panties down fully and pushed me onto the kitchen counter. The sunlight fell on my boobs making it more impressive. Looking at it lustily, he scooped them in both hands and held them close together.

"Your boobs are big like those balloons with pointy end we played with, when younger. Good that they dont sag much. I feel like mauling them" he murmured.

Like an Eagle diving for its prey, he lowered his face to my boobs and started licking my boobs.

He moved to the nipple and swayed his tongue up and down over my nipples. The cool breeze and his wet tongue on my nipples were making me jittery. He moved from one nipple to the other taking them lovingly in his mouth. Suddenly he started attacking my nipples sucking them madly.

He made me spread my legs. He gently opened my pussy with his middle finger. He fisted me till I started leaking juice.

He gently applied the juice on my labia making it wet. After that he placed his whole palm on my pussy and started shagging me like crazy. In his deft hands I started squirting in a few minutes. But he didn't stop there. He kept going till I shuddered and held him for support. He kneeled in font of me and placed both my legs over his shoulders.

"Wow!! You've trimmed your hair down here. Nice little triangle. Your pussy looks inviting".

His mouth went for my soaking pussy. He licked my outer labia, savoring the taste.

"Hmmm... It tastes good, soft and smooth like a rose petal".

He forked his tongue in and out of my pussy sending tingling sensations to my stomach. Then he moved to my clitoris.

He gently placed his teeth on my bud. I looked at him questioningly.

"Dont worry I'll go gentle on it".

He kept biting for sometime. After that he sucked my clitoris.

He started licking vigorously while inserting a finger into my pussy. He started fingering and sucking me alternatively. I couldn't hold it anymore. Grabbing his hair I pulled him towards my pussy. My legs held him closely. The more he fingered the more I was on my way to my orgasm.

"Hrrrr...haaa" I spasmed letting my juice overflow his mouth, watching it drip down his face.

I stood there gasping for breath.

When I looked at him, he was smiling lustily at me . His smile looked as though he was mocking me for having lost the first round. I felt like crying.

He didnt care about that.

He stood up, placed his penis near my pussy and moved it up and down rubbing it against my pussy. He placed one hand on my neck pulling me in for a kiss and the other hand was squeezing my boobs like anything. The friction caused by his penis made me feel hot down there. He closed his eyes and moved up and down like a piston.

"Do you want it in your mouth?" He asked.

"Fuck off" I scolded him while moaning.

"Cool" he replied and jerked off using his hand.

I stood there watching his dome like penis spitting out cum like a volcano.

"Cuckoo...Cuckoo..." The wall clock chimed indicating 7 O'clock.

I went to the bedroom took a towel and refreshed myself in the bathroom. I came out wearing a towel. Opening the cupboard I took out a new panty, petticoat, blouse and a bra.

Satish laid there on the bed naked watching me put on my dress. I didn't mind him and concentrated on selecting a matching saree for my blouse.

I draped it on and turned to see him have a boner in the offing.

He was jerking with his hand.

"Am going to prepare breakfast. If u want to join me, get yourself ready. I'll be leaving to hospital by 8:30 see yourself out before that" I reminded him.

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