Marjorie Wants a Holiday

It was Marjorie's idea that we go on holiday together,

"You're looking a little tired darling."

She was in her favourite position, stretched out on top of me with the entire length of my cock buried deep in her pussy. Every now and then she would half pull out of me and then fall back filling her again. It invariably gave her another orgasm and she cried out and the tears ran down her cheeks. You'd think something terrible had happened to her but this was how she loved to get her kicks.

I've been fucking Marjorie for ages, so who wouldn't look a bit knackered? (Yes, I know she's my Mother) It doesn't matter what I do. I always end up deep inside her at least twice a night. Usually even more. I don't know what prompted her to suggest a holiday together when my cock was buried in her pussy but Marjorie has a strange thought process.

It's not as if I have a massive cock, about eight inches long. Dad has been burying his into Marjorie for years without any detrimental effect or suggestions of vacations. Marjorie sighed in satisfaction, came again and pulled out of me and took me into her mouth.

Working quickly she emptied me down her throat and gargled in satisfaction. I gargled too, but speechlessly. She put her arms around me and comforted me on the loss of another bucket load of cum from my body and into hers. I'm amazed she never puts on any weight.

When my breathing normalised and I could speak again I asked her where we might go on holiday. She thought that Dymchurch might be nice. She and Dad had taken me there when I was little and we used to ride the miniature railway.

I looked it up later online and it's still going. It wasn't far from our house, about two hours by car so it was looking like the ideal venue; déjà vu, the little railway and sandy beaches. The thought of Marjorie in a bikini didn't bear thinking about and I tried not to think of it.

But I failed as usual, this woman had cock radar it seems. I was soon being drained of another cumload. So what's new?

I booked us into a nice hotel on the seafront and the internet entry said the food and service were good. The room looked comfortable and it wasn't any point in specifying single beds as the randy rat would have had them changed back to the King Size they had specified originally.

On Saturday, we set off for Dymchurch in the Falcon. There was plenty of room as we only had two suitcases, mainly comprising Marjorie's extensive range of swimwear which would make the Pope horny! I could see that if I needed to shelter from the sun, it was probably with Mum's bikini bottoms over my head. You wish!

It was a good job we didn't use condoms or I would have had to hire a trailer.

We arrived and were welcomed at the Hotel and we were on the first floor and had a balcony, which was lovely. The room was quite big as the hotel was an old twenties place "rejuvenated" and it had been done well. The King sized bed beckoned ("but not yet Marjorie"), the place was nicely carpeted with a writing desk, books in a bookcase, cupboards and all the stuff you'd expect from a comfortable hotel. We'd booked in for two weeks and I honestly wondered whether I was capable of surviving Marjorie's ardent attention for that long. We'll see.

Marjorie relaxed on the bed and read one of the number of pornographic books she'd brought for casual reading. As long as it didn't give her any ideas, I thought. But on reflection the authors had probably based their plots on her life anyway! One of the reasons I wanted to share this holiday with Marjorie is that I wanted to know a lot more about this beautiful woman who managed to get a scholarship to Oxford University, found new accommodation for her and her mother after being bombed out twice in the Blitz and sorted things out when her own Mother was killed in London by a V1. She also was provisioning the New Zealand navy ships in the Second World War in her early twenties. Mind you, she seduced George, put him on the straight and narrow and had me.

I enjoyed this room. It was comfortable and unlike our house in Granville Park, it was a cozy place to have a chat. Marjorie looked over her reading glasses at me,

"Why don't you pop out to the off licence and get us ingredients for a martini. We've got ice in the fridge and maybe you could score a couple of glasses from the bar on the way back."

This sounded an excellent idea so within half an hour I'd rounded up the ingredient and a couple of cocktail glasses from the bar. And some nibbles. While I was away Marjorie had set up a couple of comfortable chairs and a small folding table on the balcony and sat back quiet and relaxed while I put a jug of martini together an a bowl of seafood nibbles.

I served them sitting opposite her, poured the ice cold martinis into the glasses and passed one over to her and pushed the nibbles close to her.

She said, "Darling, this is superb and just being with you makes me happy. Tonight a couple of cocktails, a good dinner and a walk down the beach would be the perfect end to the day. I don't even feel horny today, believe it or not but a long sleep in your arms will be delicious." She opened her eyes wide and said, "but there's no guarantees after that!"

I said, "Tell me about when you were young, Marjorie. What was it like?" She looked into her glass and swilled the contents around. And thought.

She said, "I suppose there's no reason you shouldn't know, but it was pretty ordinary and happy. There were four of us of course, but they were much older than me, Ann and May had got married and moved away. You have to remember Andrew, that there was almost a thirty year difference between Ann the eldest and myself. So I basically grew up with my Mother and Doris. By then Dad had fallen to his death and we were real poor but as "Ma Devine" would shelter any crims on the run, we always had food on the table."

"I went to the local school, Bermondsey High or whatever and the education was very good there and got a scholarship to Oxford University. Mum nearly died of pride. So did I."

"Mr Tate was the first man to take my virginity. I was eighteen by then and curvy in all the right places. John was infatuated by me and took me to his room and fucked me all night. Poor man, he was useless at school the next day and whenever I put my arm up to answer a question, his erection was obvious to everyone."

"He was married of course and I think I knew it, but he was a considerate fuck Andrew and I've always thought about him nicely. Top up my glass darling, I'm talking too much, but it's nice."

I said, "Isn't it wonderful Marjorie, it's getting dark, but it's warm. Soon we'll have a romantic dinner together ("Romantic dinner Andrew!?") and we'll have a walk along the beach afterwards."

She said, "You are growing up fast Darling, I find it hard to recognise this virile, kind, tolerant man with the squally baby you used to be. I think me and Dad brung you up good!"

I kissed her gently and suggested we go down for dinner. Well, it was lovely; we both had the fish with the trimmings, the wait staff were friendly and attentive and gave us the impression that we were special. Which we were of course. After dinner, we walked hand in hand down the sandy beach and listened to the waves breaking gently with the tide and went to bed in each other's arms, quietly and without interruption.

I had survived our first day. It was lovely to be with Marjorie. Behind all the sex and the fact that she was my Mother it was a good start. When I woke up on Sunday, Marjorie was sorting through her clothes, mainly skimpy swimsuits and suggested we go to church this morning!

I replied that it was fairly unusual for a Mother and son, actively engaged in an intense sexual activity to be in a congregation of God-loving people. She looked at me, cocked her head on one side.

"You're quite right Andrew, Dymchurch is having a funny effect on me, let's fuck"

So we did. Until lunchtime. Another four bucket loads of cum into Marjorie and she still hadn't put on any weight! Mind you I don't seem to have lost any either. We had a light lunch, hamburgers and stuff with chips and decided to get the little train to Dungeness. Or Ryde. Whichever went first.

We sat in the tiny carriages as the countryside puffed past in the smoke of the little engine. It was a good job that we took the train to Ryde (there must be a song title somewhere there. A ticket maybe?)

Ryde is a pretty town full of coffee shops as opposed to Dungeness which is all pebbly beach and nuclear power stations. Marjorie gave a test drive to a bikini and created chaos as I knew she would.

She grinned as men walked into posts, tripped over fences and basically embarrassed themselves looking at my Mother's ass. I felt quite randy myself as if you have ever seen my Mother in a bathing suit you would understand. I expect I will have that off her as soon as we get home.

We chuffed back to Dymchurch in the little train and settled back on the balcony as I made the martini's and looked at the dinner menu. It was strange, there was no mention of Marjorie on the main course. A terrible omission. And one that I was determined to compensate for a bit later.

I said, "Tell me Marjorie, you mentioned the other day that you knew a guy with a bigger cock than Dad and I."

She laughed, "Oh yes, Ivan. He was some sort of Russian Embassy bloke who thought that little Marjorie would whisper bedside secrets in his ear after he had got me into bed. Silly boy, we all knew about him being a spy but he did have the biggest cock I have ever seen!"

"Andrew, he was so keen to get it into me ("as a lot of people do, as you know") That, I found it irresistible. Yes, he got all twelve inches into me but did nothing very interesting with it after a few times. So the police arrested him and deported him back to Moscow where they probably chopped it off as punishment."

It's lovely to sit on the balcony together and enjoy our martinis and nibbles. I kissed her again

"Let's go to dinner, darling."

Hand in hand we made it to the dining room and both enjoyed a very rare steak with vegetables. When we got back to our room, I stripped Marjorie down to the buff and fucked her for an hour doggy style until I lost another bucket load of cum into her wonderful pussy and wiggly ass.

Thank God, we were back to normal and she smiled before we went to sleep in each other's arms and with my hands firmly on the best piece of ass on the planet. I said before I drifted off. "Thank God Marjorie, I needed that."

She said "Hmm." And we slept.

In the morning she said, "Andrew I need your help. What should I wear on the beach today?"

She showed me a bunch of swimwear.

I said, "Why are you asking me, the black one, the skimpiest and the one that shows your arse to the best effect, of course."

She replied, "that's what I thought too Andrew, let's go swimming and kill them."

I said, "yes darling but there's something you've forgotten,"

I pinned her to the bed with her arms over her head and put my greatly enlarged cock over her pussy and filled her inch by inch until I could go no further. I looked at her and she looked at me and I drove in and out of her wet cunt until she was pushing back and matching me stroke for stroke. We came together wetly and sweatily and she closed her eyes happily.

"Andrew," she said, "why are we going anywhere today."

When we got to the beach she shrugged off her gown, the whole universe stopped except for the sound of wives slapping their husband's faces. If I thought she has the greatest ass in a skirt, you should see her in a tight minimalist bikini. My erection rose to 8,740 feet and she was bloody well watching me grow all the time. Even the sharks were coming ashore to see Marjorie in her bikini and all over the beach, old elastic was collapsing under new stresses, pensioners were keeling over with heart attacks and even the women were envious of this ass.

I said, "Marjorie, maybe we should adjourn to the cafe to let things get back to normal."

She grinned, "Why do I upset people this way darling?"

I laughed and said, "Marjorie, you know the answer to that as well as I do."

It was a nice little cafe, run by a guy with a beard and a chatty disposition. He took my order and brought it over. There weren't many people around.

"Hi, I'm Adam. I run this place. Until you guys turned up it was a quiet as the grave. Close up I can see why you knocked the shit out of these poor bastards. "

I said, "this is my Mother Marjorie and I'm Andrew. Good to meet you." He smiled and went back behind the counter.

Marjorie tugged my sleeve and said "Andrew, I want him. Can I have him please?"

"I said, "OK, it's your holiday too" and signalled Adam over to the table. He looked surprised.

I said, "Have a seat, I have a shock for you."

He said, "Is here something wrong, Andrew?"

I replie, "not for you Adam; the fact is, Marjorie wants you. If I were you, I'd say yes or she'll pester me."

He gazed at us in astonishment and said, "Here's the sexiest woman on the planet and she decides she wants to sleep with me, is this right?" He turned his eyes on Marjorie.

"The answer is yes, but please explain. I'm not married or anything but what's this all about?"

Marjorie said, "Adam, I found a natural attraction for you and I want to have you. And I'm as horny as hell."

He laughed, "well this is not very Dymchurch. Shall we go?"

I said, "Good luck Mate, enjoy each other, I'll see you tomorrow Marjorie."

Marjorie put her arm through Adam's and they strolled companionably along the beach. For once it was a lovely star filled night. Adam lived in a little fisherman's cottage, a few minutes away from the cafe.

"It's lovely Adam. It always interests me that bachelor men are so tidy. Do you have a shower, Adam?"

"Yes Marjorie, through that door there."

She said, "Join me." and walked into the bathroom.

Marjorie was standing under the jets, still in her bikini bottom when Adam arrived and he undressed and joined her.

"That's a nice cock, Adam. We won't see a lot of it tonight, will we?" Adam removed her bikini pants and gazed in admiration at Marjorie's curves. "You like, Adam?"

Marjorie lay on the bed and wrapped her hands around Adam's cock and stroked it with her soft hands.

"I think Adam, I'd like to be on top. Is that good for you to start with?"

She straddled his erect and obviously ready cock and she placed her pussy over the inflamed head and closing her eyes, she took him into her. Adam felt himself being engulfed as he was slowly drawn into her spectacular pussy until he was completely buried in her tight body.

She said, "Yes Adam, it's a very nice cock indeed."

She came shuddering for what would be the first of many times. She got Adam into a groove where she moved slowly in and out of him, kept his passion boiling and whenever he thrust back she would come again.

She said "Whenever you like Adam."

He came into her, relieved. He had been boiling, on the edge of orgasm for some time but he hadn't wanted to disappoint her. He pulled out of her cunt and a gush of cum ran down her thighs and spread over the sheets.

Adam fucked Marjorie a number of times throughout the night in a variety of positions she found very acceptable and her orgasms were heavy and frequent. His own matched hers perfectly.

In the morning he fucked her again. "Darling I need to open the cafe soon. Can we do this again soon?"

She said, "I must admit you're very good at opening things, particularly my legs, Adam. Your application is approved!" She walked naked to the shower with Adam's residue splattered around her thighs.

He said, "Hold on Marjorie, I must get a picture of this to remember you by. Maybe if I ever get married, I'll leave the photos to my kids in my will."

He took a full frontal of her, a close up of her cum splattered thighs and a cheesecake of her ass and a few others. He even took a couple of the ruined cum soaked bed.

"I'll email them to you as well later."

He watched her shower, observed that she was very uninhibited in her movements and wondered whether he would ever find another woman comparable. But he doubted it.

When she got back to the hotel, Andrew had left her a note saying she'd find him on the beach and to wear a less extreme swimsuit this time as the casualty list was substantial from the last time! She smiled and selected a modest one piece number which although clearly showing her curves was a bit more discrete.

We enjoyed the swimming and sunbathing. Marjorie read parts of her latest pornographic novel to me and I had to roll on to my stomach for modesty's sake. She smiled at the sight and suggested they go to the cafe on their way back to the hotel. She said that she'd read more to him in bed that night. He shuddered.

Adam was very pleased to see them and with a sideways look at me, kissed Marjorie. When they left to go back to the Hotel,

She said to Adam, "Darling, we're here for two weeks and I need to give Andrew a break too, so I hope you're not going to be shy."

The holiday just flew past. They were lucky with the weather and in that short time acquired fashionable European tans. Andrew and Adam serviced Marjorie to her complete satisfaction and the three of them vowed to return next year for another idyllic holiday.


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