Married Fem Dom Awakening

It all started when I told my husband I was thinking about posting online in summer 2020. I just wanted to post some scantily clad but covered pictures of myself because I had lost touch with my body after giving birth and I wanted to feel sexy again. He reluctantly agreed because he wanted me to feel better. But I knew he had a jealous side so I was slightly afraid of what might happen.

I spent about 5 days total posting pictures. I told myself in the beginning that I would never reply to any dirty comments or messages. It took me about 2 days of posting before I broke that rule and started replying to chat requests and messages. It started with me just saying thank you to some people, and by the end of my short stint posting mildly provocative photos, I had graduated to full-on sexting. I got a bit carried away, high on all the praise. And besides, I was so pent up sexually from lack of attention at home that I desperately craved to be reminded of how juicy and fuckable I was and am. My husband and I were going through a stressful situation financially and having sex once a month on average. At the time, my sexual fantasy was my husband finding me so sexy that he couldn't stop thinking about me all day at work and couldn't wait to come home and fuck me. So I particularly enjoyed reenacting that story with horny anonymous internet men in place of my husband.

I'm particularly good at telling men what they want to hear—I used to be a chronic people-pleaser; that's how I started sexting in the first place—all the messages wore me down. But I'm also great at steering the conversation where I want it to go. One thing men used to love to message me was some variation of "Your husband is a lucky man," to which I would often respond about how he wasn't fucking me enough. That's probably what I'm most ashamed about in this whole situation because my husband got suspicious of me and went through my phone about 5 days after I started posting and he saw every last message. And I know that's the part that hurt him the most. It's true we were hardly ever having sex and I felt hideous, but sex with him was the best I'd ever had. Not to mention he was the only person that had ever made me cum, other than me. So I hated to make him feel inadequate when really I was just craving his cock and his caress.

I was so sexually frustrated and so unable to just tell my husband how I was feeling that I was masturbating with strangers on the internet. I was so utterly ashamed when he found out that I was in agony all day. I woke up and he was gone. When I texted him, he said he needed to get some air. That's when I knew. I thought for certain I had ruined our entire relationship. Through some miracle, he forgave me after we talked for a long time about our true feelings and how much we both had been struggling emotionally and not wanting to add any more stress to the other's plate.

Flash forward six months.

I feel like drinking for the first time in a while so hubby grabs us some hard seltzers while I put the kid to bed. It seems like the only times we push the boundaries sexually is when I allow myself to get at least a little drunk. So I was a bit excited in the back of my mind when we started drinking. We watched dumb videos and told stories and laughed heartily just like old times. It made me feel romantic again like when we first met. It's easy to lose touch with that as you get older and gain more responsibilities.

About 3 drinks deep and my husband is looking so sexy to me sitting across from me in a desk chair while I'm sprawled out on the couch. He's wearing sweatpants and an open plaid flannel shirt revealing his burly hairy chest. I reach over with one of my pretty little feet—the perfect distance away—and start rubbing his dick through his sweatpants. Though he sucked my toes on our first date, I had never rubbed his dick with my feet before so I knew I was taking a risk. When his cock got hard, I pulled it out of his sweatpants and started teasing it with my toes at first. Eventually I was stroking it with the soles of both my feet and my husband was into it. As he was quite drunk too, he was also very into it when I pulled out my camera to film it. It just looked so hot I couldn't resist. Then he filmed me giving him a blow job. He said I should post some of the footage on Reddit. He said I could start posting pics of myself again if I wanted and we could read the comments and messages together. I was thrilled and a little scared but I agreed.

A couple days into this, he had made a Reddit account and followed my account. At a glance, his profile looked blank, but when I sorted by "new" a.k.a. most recent posts first, it revealed a post of his ass on a femdom page where he had written something along the lines of "punish me mistress." I couldn't believe it. Then I clicked the "comments" tab where it shows all the comments he had left on others' posts. I fully expected it to be blank, as he had just made the account. But there were a handful of comments. And they were all sexual comments made on femboy groups. I thought I was on the wrong page. I thought my vanilla husband couldn't have possibly said those things. I was shattered when I saw the femboy comments because I was sure that my husband was looking to leave me for a transgirl or something which explained our lack of sex life. It was also confusing because the mistress comment made me so hot because I had always secretly dreamed of dominating him; but I thought he—and all men I had encountered—preferred me more on the submissive side so I never would've dare mentioned it to him.

What's more is I had secretly fantasized about pegging him multiple times. It made me so wet. I had pleasured myself many times thinking about pegging his juicy round hairy ass. Never in a million years would I have thought he would be into it. And yet here he was, obviously enjoying femdom and femboy porn... Could it be that he secretly wanted to be pegged too? I had to find out. My whole body was in a heightened state oscillation between extreme jealousy and insecurity to lustful curiosity until I finally got a moment alone to talk to him.

I confronted him. He went through the same guilt and shame I experienced when he had caught me being naughty on Reddit. He thought he had ruined our relationship. After he expressed all his true feelings and desires and I expressed my stinging jealousy, I had to admit to him how I had longed to dominate him, order him around, and peg his juicy ass. We spent the next 48 hours discussing our fantasies whenever we got the time to be together, getting deeper and deeper, and it turns out we are 100% compatible—into all the exact same things. We cried together as we shed the layers of shame surrounding the true secret desires we both shared. Turns out all the things we like are common in the femdom world. I didn't even know they were all related, or could be. We are both continually blown away, though it's only been maybe 5 days since I confronted him. A couple days into discussing our fantasies, we ordered a cage for his little dick. It should be here soon.

He bought one lacy black thong recently that he models for me at night. He wants to switch from wearing men's briefs to wearing women's cotton thongs as his everyday underwear. I made him paint my toenails last night and then I picked a color and painted his. I put sparkles on top to make it extra girly. Tonight, he put on one of my dresses—not a particularly girly dress but it was short so it showed off his thong. Another night, he showed me his surprisingly large vibrating butt plug and I controlled the settings. He wants me to make him my sissy bitch and I fucking love it so much. The more I've learned about him—his real desires—the more thrilled I've become. It's everything I've deeply craved yet been so afraid to want because I never thought it would happen.

As soon as we can afford a shopping spree, we are going to buy panties and dresses for us both, a strap-on, a butt plug for him, a collar and leash for him (his idea), something to spank his ass with, and some sexy lingerie & domme-wear for me. I even want to get us some matching women's lingerie. I'm going to wear the key to his chastity cage around my neck. He wants to get a "property of [some variation of my name]" tattooed near his cock and he's going to get his nipples pierced. I'm going to get a more domme looking nose ring for my septum piercing.

Thus far we've spent a lot of focus on turning my husband into the little sissy bitch boy he is. But the other part of this that I love just as much is that I am being recognized for the goddess I truly am. This whole thing is really about me being worshipped, taking complete control, and using my husband as a toy for my pleasure. And he fucking loves that. He lives to worship me—how I've always secretly felt it should be. His pleasure is secondary to mine now and somehow he gets off on that. I get to be completely pampered now, I can make him do literally whatever I want, and I can punish him & teach him a lesson if he fucks up. I get to own his cock, tease it for hours on end, lock it in a cage, and make him wait a week to cum if I want. I makes me so hot to see such a burly lumberjack type man dress up for me in a sexy dress and lacy thong. He even wants to wear fishnet stockings for me. It makes me so wet and I just can't wait to fuck him in the ass.

I feel so fucking lucky that he's so into it too. It makes me hot to see him get so excited and vice versa. We are the most giddy and romantic and HAPPY we have ever been in our 7 years together—or in our entire lives really. The intimacy that we share now is so amazing and I never thought I'd experience it on this level. We have no more secrets and the things we were keeping hidden in shame are the very things that turn us on about each other. It is such a mindfuck. Everyday is extended foreplay until the evening when things get more heated. We go about the day with our normally tense muscles feel loose and relaxed while tingly warm energy just radiates through our bodies in waves. The pleasure only continues to build as we look forward to the day when his cage arrives, the day we get our strap-on, and so many other wonderful things we have planned.


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